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High Altitude Baking

Patricia Kendall, Editor
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension

Rock Art: A Vision of a Vanishing Cultural Landscape

Edited and Photography by Jonathan Bailey

Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails

Stories and Illustrations by Joe Back


Teow Lim Goh


Rock Art: A Vision of a Vanishing Cultural Landscape

By Jonathan Bailey

Memories are the invisible threads connecting us with our past. From the moment a child is born to the reflections of deep history carved on canyon walls, memories describe the aspects of our lives that otherwise defy explanation–an intangible whisper of awareness written on the lips of time. The history of the American Southwest is vividly painted and pecked with memories, with stories, and with narratives of people and place, odysseys carved into tortuous landscapes of heartbreaking beauty and heat-pressed geometry. This history, in the form of rock art, allows us to see, feel, and experience these threads of memory, binding us ever closer to the past and our place in this landscape.