Willa’s Pursuit

A Novel

by James Bastian


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A compelling and inherently fascinating read from cover to cover, “Willa’s Pursuit” by Jim Bastian is a unique and deftly crafted novel that showcases the author’s impressive and narrative driven storytelling skills. Especially and unreservedly recommended for community library fiction collections, …
—Midwest Book Review


In the winter of 1971, graduate student Willa immerses herself in a sensory deprivation tank for a routine psychological experiment. The hallucinations and delusions she experiences in the tank are considered normal side effects, but the sudden ability to speak fluent French is not. Each time she enters the tank, she becomes more convinced the hallucinations are actually someone else’s memories. Her boyfriend dismisses her delusions and resulting anxiety and depression as proof that she is having a psychotic break. But what if her new abilities mean something more? Set in Wisconsin during the social turmoil and budding psychological science of the early 1970s, and inspired by actual events, Willa’s pursuit of the source of her visions and fluency in French (a condition called xenoglossia) unearths an unlikely archaeological discovery and a shocking truth that changes her life forever.

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A Novel

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James Bastian

James Bastian

Jim Bastian and his wife Carol were born, raised, met, and married in Wisconsin. Jim received a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University. Upon graduation, he taught high school history and psychology, but subsequently converted to capitalism, earned an MBA, and went on to have a thirty-year business career. Jim and Carol spend as much time at their vacation home in Forest County, Wisconsin, as they can.