The Antichrist of Kokomo County

A Satire

by David Skinner


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Frankie Horvath is not happy. He’s almost forty. He’s fat. His wife is dead. He designs forks for a living. And his son? Well, he might just be the Antichrist. Which is why Frankie is about to meet with Satanists to find out the truth once and for all. And taking into account Frankie’s lifelong delusions of grandeur (and the gun stuffed down the front of his pants) a bloody showdown for the fate of mankind is not out of the question.

If you love the dark humor of Chuck Palahniuk or Brett Easton Ellis, this one is for you.



“Skinner’s debut novel is a clever, funny chronicle of an apocalypse narrowly averted and of greatness diverted.”
Kirkus Reviews



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6 x 9

Publication Date

November 9, 2015

The Author

David Skinner

David Skinner

Unlike the characters in his novel, David Skinner is strikingly human and, according to some people, quite likable. He currently lives in the badlands of suburban Colorado Springs with his wife, Jenn, and his pug, award-winning snuggler and chewer-of-things-that-are-not-his, Howie. The Antichrist of Kokomo County is Skinner’s debut novel.

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