Heading Home

Field Notes

by Peter Anderson


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Heading Home begins with Peter Anderson’s dharma-bum passion for the road, which leads him through the mountains and high deserts of the American West, and eventually lands him in an eccentric end-of-the-road town full of mystics, misfits, and other mountain dwellers.

This book is a gathering of “field notes”—observations, recollections, and stories along the way, where home is understood as a work in progress and the way is a road that never ends.


“Part cultural critic, part poet, part wanderer, Anderson is a funny, gentle guide, whether pondering the sorrows of loss, the joys of the seasons, or the cultural eccentricities of the modern day West.”  —Laura Pritchett, author, Stars Go Blue and Red Lightning

“Every page of this marvelous book includes some glimpse, some hint, some touch that makes me feel better about being alive.”  —William Pitt Root, author, White Boots

“Reading through these pages, one feels they are on the road with Anderson, exploring the vast, beautiful, and empty corners of the American West. When I reached the end of this journey I wanted to start all over again.”  —Iver Arnegard, author, Whip & Spur

“Anderson is a listener, a watcher. With humor and curiosity, he guides us through some of Colorado’s less-sung landscapes, leading us through the seasons, across the highways, and into the more ineffable journeys of aging, parenting, loss and the rewards of committing to one place.”  —Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author, If You Listen

“These essays have about them a writer’s wit, a poet’s eye and a good man’s heart. They take us on journeys where you can feel the red dirt on your skin, hear the whoosh of passing big rigs, and hear the earth as it turns, mile upon mile toward our various human destinations.”  —Aaron A. Abeyta, author, Rise, Do Not Be Afraid

“Think a wider-ranging version of the philosophical, evocative fly-fishing literary classic, A River Runs Through ItHeading Home has the same kind of feel for land, people and places in the West. It is a powerful cocktail of evocative, beautiful prose that is not to be missed by any who appreciate a literary voice from this part of the country. It is award-quality writing that should please readers who appreciated A River Runs Through It. Yes, it’s that good.”  —Midwest Book Review

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5.5 x 8.5

Publication Date

May 30, 2017

The Author

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson's most recent book is Reading Colorado: A Literary Road Guide. Other books include Heading Home: Field Notes, a collection of flash prose and prose poems exploring rural life and the modern day eccentricities of the American West and First Church of the Higher Elevations, a collection of essays on wildness, mountains, and the life of the spirit. He lives with his family on the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado where he launched the Crestone Poetry Festival, an annual gathering of southwestern poets.

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