Umbrellas or Else


by J. Diego Frey


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J Diego Frey is a product of suburban Colorado in the nineteen-seventies and an admirer of cheeseburgers. His poetry follows naturally from this. Umbrellas or Else is JD’s first collection of poems. The title of the book was suggested to the poet by his father long before any of these poems were written, but somehow, it fits.


“J. Diego Frey’s poems are written with a love for language and a freshness of voice that’s tough to beat.”
—Michael J. Henry, author of Active Gods and No Stranger Than My Own

“When I pick up J. Diego Frey’s work, Laughter and tears come in waves and I recognize appreciation comes in a purer form–the immediacy of emotion that fresh and original poems stir in the reader.”
—Chris Ransick, author of Language for the Living and the Dead and Never Summer

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5.5 x 8.5

Publication Date

April 2014

The Author

J. Diego Frey

J. Diego Frey

J Diego Frey was born in Denver, Colorado; experienced his moral conflation in the Berkeley and San Francisco of the early nineties; and now, against all odds, lives in Denver, Colorado. He can speak to cats and squirrels in their own language, but needs a phrasebook when talking to dogs or people from Europe. He has been writing poetry since the age of four with only marginal improvement over the years. Most good thoughts about writing occur to him in the morning, often when he's naked and can't write them down. He is the author of Umbrellas or Else: Poems  and The Year the Eggs Cracked: Poems.

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