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Ranching and a West That Works

by Laura Pritchett, Richard L. Knight, & Jeff Lee


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Edited by Laura Pritchett, Richard L. Knight, and Jeff Lee

Introduction by Teresa Jordan

In this collection of 22 essays, the editors have brought together some of the best–and most insightful–writing on ranching in the West. These writers explore the changing landscape of the West, and how, in an age of huge, corporate-owned ranches, the small rancher can survive. This book brings together the best writers in the West today—-including poets, ranchers, and conservationists—-in a one-of-a-kind, unique look at the West.

Writings by:

Aaron Abeyta
Julene Bair
Bob Budd
Joan Chevalier
James Galvin
Drum Hadley
Linda Hussa
Page Lambert
Wallace McRae
Sharon Salisbury O’Toole
Diane Josephy Peavey
Nathan F. Sayre
Mark Spragg
Kim Stafford
Paul F. Starrs
Courtney White
Paul Zarzyski

If you care about the West, you must care about the lands of the West—lands that are disappearing rapidly, along with the people and cultures that go along with them.

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May 2018


Ranching and a West That Works