Beyond Trout

A Flyfishing Guide

by Barry Reynolds


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Continuing their quest to free flyfishers from the trout-only addiction, Pike on the Fly authors Barry Reynolds and John Berryman lead a tour through the back alleys of flyfishing in search of everything from the common bluegill to the not-so-common white amur. They encourage you to leave overcrowded trout streams and instead fish warmwater rivers, municipal reservoirs, and farm ponds. More than anything, Barry and John want you to flyfish more often and closer to home.

The supposedly unapproachable walleye falls to Barry’s flyfishing skills, and he gives a methodical approach to catching largemouth and smallmouth bass, long a favorite of flyfishers. Without apology, Barry and John will even tell you how to catch the biggest fish you may find in local water–the common carp. Smart, spooky, and strong, carp are ignored by everyone except those who have already caught them.

There are fish to be caught on the fly wherever you live, and Beyond Trout will take you to the waters in your own backyard and teach you how to catch the fish that swim there.

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A Flyfishing Guide


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The Author

Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a true master of flyfishing, with over twenty years experience guiding flyfishers to angling destinations all over the world, including Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, Alaska, and Canada. Barry is a certified casting instructor and master fly tier. He excels in all fields and is a pro-staff member with many elite companies of the flyfishing world. Barry's love for flyfishing and the outdoors is evident in his numerous written articles and photography he has sold to magazines such as American Angler, Wild on the Fly, Warm Water Angler, and Southwest Fly Fishing. Barry has also co-authored three books including Pike on the Fly, Carp on the Fly, Beyond Trout, and most recently in a solo effort, Mastering Pike on the Fly. In addition to his writing skills, Barry has made more than twenty guest appearances on a a variety of outdoor television and radio shows. Barry's following and continued growth in popularity with the angling public has lead him to the seminar circuit during the winter months where he travels the country and entertains and educates the public in all that flyfishing has to offer. Barry is married, the father of two children, Christie and Michael. Barry resides in Aurora, Colorado with his wife Susan.

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