Six Racy Madams of Colorado

A Little Western Library book

by Caroline Bancroft


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Originally published in 1965 these are mini-biographies of six Colorado “ladies of pleasure,” whose parlor houses were scandalous ornaments to the whole state, make amusing reading. Biographies of Jennie Rogers, Mattie Silks, Laura Evans, Lillian Powers, Pearl de Vere, and Cock-eyed Liz.

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5.4 x 8.3

Publication Date

June 2018

The Author

Caroline Bancroft

Caroline Bancroft

Former president of the Colorado Folklore Society, Bancroft is the original, definitive voice of the Centennial State. An intriguing character herself, Bancroft writes her brief histories and biographies as if she were sitting on a log next to you, firelight sparkling in her eyes, a tin cup of hot cowboy coffee in her hand, spinning her tales with wit and authority. Perfect for Colorado natives and newcomers alike, the Bancroft series is a must-have for lovers of the mountains and of the people who made Colorado one of the most intriguing states in the nation.

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