Island in the Plains 

A Black Hills Natural History

by Edward Raventon


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The Black Hills are a land of incredible biological diversity steeped in the legends and mystique of many different cultures. Edward Raventon chronicles the natural history of the Black Hills from the geologic rumblings that shaped the landscape to the contemporary conservation issues that threaten its special ecosystems. Here are tales of prehistoric dinosaurs and Ice Age mammoths, mighty bison and tiny mountain pine beetles, industrious beavers and majestic elk. Other chapters discuss the migrations of Plains Indians, the cultural history of Inyan Kara Mountain, and the search for fossil cycads.

Islands in the Plains is required reading for anyone who wishes to learn the fascinating story behind the rugged exterior of the Black Hills.

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A Black Hills Natural History







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The Author

Edward Raventon

Edward Raventon is a freelance photographer and writer who has spent more than twenty years photographing and writing about the natural history of the West.

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