Grand Canyon Trivia Trek

An Intrepid Rim-to-Rim Historical Journey

by Flood Hefley


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One of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is host to a wealth of natural and human history. Flood Hefley mines this mother lode in Grand Canyon Trivia Trek, turning up a fortune of “bet-ya-didn’t-know” nuggets of trivia, together with historic and personal photographs, to enrich your experience of Grand Canyon National Park. Enhance your connection to the park with the answers to your nagging questions—along with the answers to questions you never thought to ask!

You’ll read about

• The Colorado River, river runners, and rapids

• Native Americans and pioneers

• Canyons, buttes, and other geologic features

• Historic Grand Canyon figures, from naturaliststo fur trappers

• Creeks, springs, and waterfalls

• Trails and routes

• Historic camps and campgrounds

• Bridges and dams

• Snow in the canyon

• Mining

• Transportation, historic and present-day

• And much, much more

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An Intrepid Rim-to-Rim Historical Journey

The Author

Flood Hefley

Flood Hefley was a devoted hiker of the Grand Canyon National Park and explorer of its history from 1972 until his death in 2016. Captivated by the canyon, he launched a decades-long series of solo backcountry hikes beginning in 1980, which instilled his desire to better understand the history of the chasm he walked. Along the way, Hefley coached many in the art of canyoneering.