Katie Lee

Katie Lee, in her 60-year career in the entertainment industry, was an author, musicologist, folk singer, storyteller, Hollywood actress, song writer, filmmaker, photographer, poet, and river runner. She was active in environmental causes ever since the destruction of her beloved Glen Canyon. Her first book, Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle, tells the story of the American cowboy in song, verse, and story. All My Rivers Are Gone: A Journey of Discovery Through Glen Canyon reveals her personal connection with the Colorado River and the fight to stop the building of the Glen Canyon Dam. Her documentary, The Last Wagon, won the 1972 CINE Golden Eagle Award. In 1997, she was featured in the PBS documentary, Cadillac Desert, based on Marc Reisner’s acclaimed book. Her Colorado River songs and cowboy ballads are recorded on numerous albums and are available through Katydid Books and Music. She lived in Jerome, Arizona.