Zebra Skin Shirt

A Strattford County Yarn, Vol. 3

by Gregory Hill


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Narwhal Slotterfield, a smart-aleck, chaos-loving basketball referee (aka a “zebra”) loves bending the rules for the Underdog—at the games he works, “everyone in the gym has a chance to win and everyone has a chance to hate” while he “keeps an eye out for the little guy while simultaneously taking advantage of him.”

He is in love with Veronica, a delightful woman he met by chance in the rain, and during the drive back home to Denver from St. Louis after visiting her family, they stop at an old diner in the tiny run-down town of Holliday on the eastern Colorado plains for a greasy burger and greasier fries. During a trip to the toilet, Narwhal decides in a burst of love and inspiration to propose to Veronica in his typical unconventional manner.

But the universe, it seems, has other plans—upon his return to their table, time has stopped completely for everyone and everything except for him. Pouring coffee is suspended between kettle and cup, the setting sun stays put just above the horizon, and Narwhal’s beloved is unattractively trapped in the middle of taking a bite of her burger.

As time does not go on, Narwhal is forced to face uncomfortable truths about himself, Veronica, and even the nature of being human. And through these discoveries, he has the miraculous choice to either focus myopically on himself or, like an unlikely superhero referee, to right the wrongs of the world.

The concluding volume in Gregory Hill’s zany, loose Strattford County trilogy, Zebra Skin Shirt is a wild book of time-warped stream of consciousness and space-shifting solipsism, at once a man’s search for himself and a triumphant struggle for love.

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Conundrum Press









5.75 x 8.5

Publication Date

April 2018

The Author

Gregory Hill

Gregory Hill

Gregory Hill was raised on a wheat farm in eastern Colorado. He left for Boulder/Denver as soon as he graduated high school, with zero intention of ever coming back. Twenty-six years later, he lives on that farm with his wife Maureen, writing and making odd music.

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