Squirrels of North America

A Pocket Nature Guide

by Millie Miller


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Another adorable guide in our Pocket Nature Series, Squirrels is sure to delight the fans of these cute little critters and these cute little books. These books have full-color watercolor illustrations and are as delightful to look at as they are accurate. The book contains scientific names, size, range, and a concise description of the habitat or an interesting bit of lore.

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4 x 6

The Author

Millie Miller

Millie Miller

When Miller Miller moved from New Jersey to Boulder, Colorado in 1973, she was recently divorced, on her own, and excited to explore the mountains. "I had looked for a flower book to hike with but the only books I could find were big, had more words than pictures and every flower had to be "keyed" out. I had an idea for a flower book that would fit in a jeans back pocket, was a picture book and made flower identification easy." Sitting up late one night with her new roommate, Cyndi Nelson, Millie mentioned her book idea. "Why don't you do it?" Cyndi asked. Miller just laughed and changed the subject. After much persistance, Cyndi finally offered "Well, I will help you." Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson have been writing and illustrating books together ever since. They split all of the work equally. "We paint so much alike," says Millie, "that we sometimes couldn't remember who did which page." Millie Miller lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

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