The Longest, Wickedest Street in America

by Jonny Barber


Experience the history and lore of one of the most famous, certainly most infamous, and dearly beloved streets in America—Colorado’s own Colfax Avenue.

Colfax Avenue. The mere name conjures images of neon, motels, 24-hour diners, skyscrapers, people from every walk of life, all of it culminating in the upward undulation of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a road like no other, distilled into its purest form.

The street reflects the two sides of the promise of Colorado since the Gold Rush of 1859: There’s the shameless promotion, the con, the stopover, the promise of wealth and riches. There’s also the sense of community, where everybody has a chance, where people come to forget their past and find their future.

Walk down Colfax through time: from its humble beginnings as a trail Native Americans and pioneers traveled across the plains to the mountains, through the gold and silver booms and busts, the rise and fall of the streetcar, its descent into squalor in the mid-twentieth century, to its revival today. Divided into seven sections and chock full of photographs and side stories, this book celebrates the history, facts, and legends of the people and places that have made Colfax what it is today.

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Paperback w/flaps


Bower House





Publication Date

April 15, 2021


9 x 8.5

The Author

Jonny Barber

Jonny Barber is a performing artist, musician, actor, and author from Denver, Colorado. Musically, he is best-known for his rockabilly group Jonny Barber & The Rhythm Razors, and for his Elvis act performing as the Velvet Elvis. He earned the distinction as a Renaissance Man, not only as a Rock and Roller, but also as curator of The Colfax Museum, dedicated to the history of Schuyler Colfax and Colfax Avenue.